Elk City Speedway Factory Stock 2016 Rules GENERAL

A. The factory stock division is intended to be an economical, semi-late model passenger car for entry level racers
B. Must be rear-wheel drive, front-engine, American made passenger cars. No convertibles, pickups, station wagons or sports cars. Minimum wheelbase, 108" minimum. Minimum weight, 3200 pounds with driver.
C. All cars must be stock. Frame must be stock. No inter changing components. Original frame and casting marks cannot he removed, altered or covered.
D. Unless these Specs say you can do something, You CAN NOT!

A. Aftermarket bodies may be used, floor pan is optional, however if floor pan is removed you must add 30 pounds of Weight to the right front frame rail by the right corner of main cage. They should look as Factory as possible.
1. All wheel welts may be trimmed for tire clearance.
2. Inner door, hood and top bracing may be removed.
3. Car must have 4" minimum ground clearance.
4. Car may be tubbed but must be made of steel. 14 gauge minimum thickness.
B. All glass and flammable material must be removed. Cover headlight and taillight holes with sheet metal. Plastic trim, chrome trim and door handles must be removed. No rearview mirrors. No transmitting or listening devices in car.
C. Doors must be welded 12" front and rear or bolted using backing plates and a minimum of four bolts per plate.
D. Stock dash may be replaced with sheet metal in stock location, no sharp edges.
E. Windshield screen required and must be full width extending from windshield post and full height from cowl to car top. Maximum screen opening is 2'x 4'.
G. Bumpers must be mounted in stock location. Front bumper can be on 2" O.D. pipe or stock. May not extend past the body. No sharp edges!. Rear bumper may not exceed width of car and must be bent over or capped. Wrecker loops are mandatory front and rear. Nerf bars are optional. If used, may be no larger than 1" x 2" square tubing cut and capped at 45 degrees. No sharp ends or edges.
H. Factory radiator core supports optional. When a fabricated support is used, maximum tubing size of 1.5", 12 gauge may be used. Tubing may not extend beyond frame rail.


A. Springs must remain in stock location for make and model of car. No lumber, chains, etc. may be used to alter stock suspension. Stock-type springs (racing springs may be used) only in stock location may be heated, cut or changed. Shocks must remain in stock location. No Schrader type air up shocks. Stock upper and lower A frames must match frame. May use Aftermarket Non Adjustable Upper A Frames, Steel or Aluminum cross bars Ok. Must match type of frame, no mismatching allowed.
B. No coil-overs, load leveler, air type shocks, or weight jacks.
C. Drive shaft must be painted white. Loop mandatory 6" behind front yoke.
D. Three-wheel brakes mandatory, in working condition. Right front brake optional. Brake balance allowed, but it may not be adjusted from the drivers seat.
E. 9" Ford allowed. Must use Stock trailing arms for the make of the car you are running, with stock bushings. Attermarket axels are allowed. Locking of rear end allowed. Mini spool may be used. Bolt-in-type rear axle must be welded at retainer. If axle comes comes out and no tack is found, there will be a 2 week suspension. Floaters Allowed.
F. Transmission Must be O.E.M. production-type automatic or standard 3-speed or 4-speed with reverse gear, in operating order. Torque tubes allowed. Mini clutch is allowed with explosion proof bell housing. NO Racing Trans allowed, NO Brinn, Falcon or Bert Trans allowed.


A.Must be stock O.E.M.V-8 cast iron block. No modifications or alterations of any type. No Chevrolet vortex engines or engine components of any type All engines and componets must be stock and 0 E M except for the rods, any steel rod not to• exceed .6 inches in length and any single or double value spring allowed. World Products Sir torque part #4266 or RHS,Pro Torcher part #12403 or Summit part# 152123 and World Products Windsor Jr part # 053030 heads may be used. NO modifications or alterations of any type except pinning the studs replacements. Poly lock rocker arm adjusting nuts allowed. Heads must remain in stock loction. NO moving or offsetting of dowels in blocks or heads. NO porting, polishing or grinding anytime or anywhere on the header, intake or exhaust manifold. Flat top or dished pistons only. Aftermarket pulleys are allowed.NO angle milling of heads. 362 cubic inches for Chevy and Ford. 368 for Chrysler. Stock stroke length only, +or minus .020 ofan inch. Teching for this will be in place. NO Stud Girdles allowed. Any Aluminum Intake
B. Engine location halfway between first and second spark plug even with center of front balijoint + or -1/2
C. Stock single point or stock high energy igintion systems only. NO MSD type boxes allowed. Rev limiters for stock HEI typeignition highly recommended.
D. Any stock type flat tappet cam, NO roller cams. Roller rockers allowed.
F Any Aluminum Intake, Headers may be used under chassiØ) 18o Or 160 degree headers. NO headers that go over top of engine.NO modification to intake or heads. NO powder coating,No grinding anywhere! They MUST be totally stock, NO Brzezinski intakes.
G. Only I radiator allowed, In stock location and Its stock mounts. NO bracing to front hoop (if used).
I. Battery may be relocated but must be securely mounted and covered with sheet rubber. Must be able to start car at all times.
J. Stock, deep, wet sump oil pan allowed. Relocated pickup tube allowed. Aftermarket oil pan may be used.
K. Any Carburetor EXCEPT Predator
L. Oil pan must have a minimim 1" Inspection hole in upper side of oil


A. Steel wheels only. Wagon wheels or Rally wheels not to exceed 10" width. May run beadlocks on right rear only.
B. One -inch lug nuts required.
C. 8" or 10" Asphalt pull offs only. May not eceed 14 1/4" wide. Will be checked with hoop. Must Durometer 60 or better. NO new tires!! Asphalt pull offs are not new!
D. NO radials or re-caps allowed.
E. NO hubcaps. Foam Wheel inserts and wheel covers may be used.
F. No wheel weights (i.e. balancing weights.)


A. Fuel cell mandatory, must he securely and safety mounted.
B. Fuel delivery system must be stock mechanical type fuel pumps- no electric or pressure systems.
C. Gasoline only, no additives.
D. Fuel line cannot pass through drivers compartment, no vinyl or plastic line. Steel braid recommended.


A. Four-post roll cage with diagogal brace behind driver is mandatory. Braces must remain within drivers compartment. Cage must be Q.D. x .095" wall thickness mild steel tubing.
B. Must have four-bar door protectors on both sides.
C. Horizontal bar between front vertical bars and under dash required.
D. Engine hoop to incorporate leg brace tub to protect driver.
E. Cage must be welded to frame in at least six places.
F. Roof hoop width 33" minimum, from front to main hoop 32" minimum
G. Front fenders, quarter panels and front nose piece. One inch bar for bracing only.
H. Maximum angle of rear roll bar is 20 degrees. At least one bar from rear loop to front halo mandatory.


Minimum weight, including driver, is 3200 pounds. Cars may be weighed at any time. Fluids or parts lost during a race may not be added to make weight All weights must be double nutted or welded. At least two (2) 1/2" bolts, double nutted are mandatory. All weights must be painted white and display the car number.
Factory Stock 2016 Rules